Middlesex talk recording

Here are the Plicks created of the talk at Middlesex University on Wednesday. I’ve taken the sound, done a bit of editing and then synched it to the slides used on the day. I hope it’s of interest, each one is about 5-7 minutes long and if you want them full screen then visit the main site here.

1. What, where, when

This covers what they are, where they’re found and when they were around.

2. How
This covers how they were produced.

2.1 The video played:

3. Who (Part One)
The first of two parts covering who used these signs.

4. Who (Part Two)
This is the second section covering who used them.

5. Language & Layout

This covers some observations on the language of the signs and comments on the lettering and layout styles used.

6. Interpretations
This looks at some interpretations of the signs by artists and others.

7. The Archive

This covers issues around protection and preservation and the work being done to create a permanent photographic archive.