RIP: Signwriters – Gilding & Pictorial Artists

This beautiful gilded script once marked the home of Ambridge Signs. When they left the premises the sign didn’t come with them and, until last month, it provided a reminder of the area’s signwriting heritage. It was situated on this unassuming building at the end of a terrace on Southgate Road, De Beauvoir, but has now …

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Detail of painted sign showing military general pointing and the word 'Wanted'

Cars No Longer Wanted: RIP

This car dealership sign has been recently whitewashed, as discovered while cycling past today. However, was it ever a ghostsign, given that the dealership remains in business at the same location? The sign had clearly fallen into disrepair, but was not completely abandoned. This has always been one of my London favourites, mainly due to …

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Early 1900s photo of family and car outside tavern called The Fox

RIP: Midford Fox

This photo from the early 1900s comes from the Akeman Press Archive and shows a family posing with their car outside this former tavern in Midford, Somerset. Kirsten Elliott from Akeman informs me that the last remains of the sign have now been rendered and painted over, making this a recent addition to the growing …

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Hammersmith Palais ghostsign close up by Malcolm Edwards

Farewell and RIP to the Hammersmith Palais

[Update, November 2020: This sign is still visible, and the demolition works appear to have only affected the building immediately behind this wall.] Thursday, 10th May 2012 marked the final destruction of the once proud Hammersmith Palais, home to this underground-platform-long ghostsign. Dances were once twice daily but the evidence of this now only remains …

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Uncertain future for the ‘Polo Tower’ in Morcombe (via @willsh)

I’d never seen this unique piece of hand painted advertising until I came across the picture and dim appraisal of the town on John’s blog.  I’m pretty sure it must be hand painted but correct me if I’m wrong.  Regardless, a bizarre contractual situation has ensured its survival to this day, despite the closure of …

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