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Church Street, Ashbourne, Derbyshire Photo: rebalrid As I get increasingly close to the material gathered for the archive I start to notice little subtexts, themes … Read more

Martin Wilson

Fascinating work from Martin Wilson discovered in Ultrabold (see previous pieces on ghostsigns here and here).  Ultrabold is the quarterly journal of the St Bride … Read more

Flook Ghostsigns screen shot


[Update: This application no longer exists.] This free iPhone app now features ghostsigns in the form of geolocated photo cards.  My Flickr images have been … Read more

Rage Factor

This campaign now has hand painted signs to support it!  The objective is to ‘steal’ the Christmas number one spot from this year’s X-Factor winner … Read more

Window Painting

Shop window name painter Originally uploaded by Apotheker Nice picture here from a set of Apotheker in Amsterdam showing a window painter at work. Notice … Read more

Diesel Wall Manchester

Diesel Wall

The fashion brand Diesel have picked up on the outdoor, big wall format with a creatively focussed competition, Diesel Wall, to fill the spaces they’ve … Read more

John Henstock

I got in touch with John Henstock recently as he’d started uploading some of his pictures on Flickr. Here’s one example from Brixton for Our … Read more