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Painter in the New York sky

On Air: Colossal Media Radio Interview

Following Frank’s more recent appearance I came across this radio interview with Colossal Media which I missed in February last year. The slideshow above accompanies the full story and audio download on the WNYC website.  More posts from the Ghostsigns blog about Colossal Media here, it’s great to see them going from strength to strength.

Colossal Media Advertisement New York Gentrification

Colossal Media & Gentrification

Picked this up over on psfk where they reckon this is an ad for Colossal Media. The observations on gentrification could easily apply in London and perhaps many other cities around the world.

Colossal Media Update

I’ve written lots about Colossal Media in the past but a visit to their website today revealed a whole load of new content including lots of videos, mainly time-lapses of their work being painted but also this new promotional trailer. Although it features some of their most recent work I still think the old one is …

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Hand painted wall signs and murals from Hungary

József László is an artist in Budapest, Hungary, specialising in photo-real hand painted advertising, other hand painted wall advertising and murals.  His work impressed me so I thought I’d share some of the pictures he sent me.  Some of these remind me of Colossal Media’s work, some are more like the signs I saw in Bangladesh, and …

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Brickads for LoDo screen shot

Can new Brickads Generate Income for Denver’s LoDo District? Discuss.

This popped up on twitter, considering the leasing of wall space as a means of generating income, community exposure and maintaining artistic heritage in LoDo, Denver.  Lots of Collosal Media featured in addition to some lovely archive photography.  I wonder if, with every new brickad that gets painted, something of the impact and novelty of …

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This is fantastic, the final film ‘UP THERE’ produced over the duration of Stella Artois’ ‘Ritual Project’ in New York in collaboration with Colossal Media. I’ve already talked at length about this work and my admiration for Colossal Media so I won’t cover the old ground again here but what I love about this film …

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New Painted Signs in Sussex

Through the D&AD blog I was alerted to this campaign by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership which has added hand painted signs to their TV ‘commercial’. These painted elements were done by Aroe and this one in particular is pretty big. I wonder if the currently vogue for street art might lead to more collaborations …

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The Ritual Project

Stella Artois and Colossal Media are collaborating in New York to use hand painted advertising over 21 days to demonstrate the ‘ritual’ of pouring a glass of Stella.  This ritual involves nine steps and by day 11 they’re on step three, mainly due to adverse weather conditions. It’s going to be a busy ten days …

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Concord Painting

The ever prolific Frank Jump who blogs on ghostsigns over in New York has uncovered a nice piece of history having been contacted by a relative of someone who painted this sign [update: link no longer available] over there. It turns out that the company that he worked for (Concord Painting) is still in business and …

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Sailmaker Falmouth by Sam Roberts

University College Falmouth

Last week I went to give a talk to the future copy writers and art directors on the University College Falmouth MA Creative Advertising.  This is a well respected course with graduates typically getting recruited into the creative departments of some of the best advertising agencies in the world. Thank you to Carolyn and Chris …

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