Ghostsigns of Winnippeg, Manitoba 3

Wellingtons Drink Pepsi Cola
Photos: Rick Janzen

Rick kindly sent me this collection of Canadian ghostsigns, including one that appears to be painted on the side of a lorry.  He gives some background:

“Here are some photos I took while working on a movie call ‘The Assasination of Jesse James’ in the City of Winnippeg, Manitoba.  The City is full of these wonderful old wall signs; it’s like time has stood still for the last 100 years.  I spent my days off wandering around the city core taking reference pictures of all these old Ghost Signs.”

My personal favourite is the Pepsi-Cola one.

Philco Radios Refrigerators Televisions

Globelite hand painted sign on trailer

Pitchriders Ghostsign Winnipeg Manitoba

Ham Ghostsign Winnipeg Manitoba

L. Galpern Candy Co Chocolates Candies