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HAT archive contributor Mike Ashworth is giving an illustrated talk about the London Underground Johnston typeface next week on Tuesday, 3rd April.  More details in the pdf below and on the Sign Design Society website.  Followers of this site are eligible for a small discount, […]

The history of the Johnston typeface: Sign Design Society event ...

Stencilled sign on wall saying not to park because of lorries loading and unloading 1
I’ve recently been in regular contact with Geraldine Marshall whose project, Graphic DNA, caught my attention.  It is the topic of her PhD thesis, under the supervision of Dr Caroline Archer.  I took the opportunity, before she gets too busy, to ask Geraldine some questions […]

Graphic DNA documents the visual language of the street

Geraldine alerted me to this film which documents the excellent work being done at The Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  This is very much a living museum in that they have not only a vast collection of equipment but also real practitioners and craftspeople demonstrating its […]

Type Face film showcases the people and practice of America’s ...