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Dr Bells: A Stunning Ghostsign Reveal in Paducah

Rob Estes of Brushstroke Signs took the photograph below which reached me via Cornbread of the Walldogs. It’s of a recent ghostsign revealed in Paducah, Kentucky, and has elements that have survived in excellent condition, protected by an adjacent building that has now been demolished. (It follows hot on the heels of another recent doctor, […]

Painted sign on wall for Dr Bells

Fading sign painted on a wall advertising Dr King

Dr King: The Story of a Melbourne Ghostsign by Nick Gadd 1

This Melbourne ghostsign is a recent reveal and was captured by Nick Gadd, the writer behind Melbourne Circle. Nick’s research into the sign was recently published in an anthology of papers titled ‘Melbourne Subjective‘. He investigates the sign and creates a tentative hypothesis about who Dr King was with reference to a fictitious, but plausible, […]


I Love It: Marmite Ghostsign Revealed 4

John Hunter, one of Australia’s prolific prolific collectors of ghostsigns, sent me these images of a recent reveal in Caulfield, Victoria. They were captured by Tony Mead, local signwriter, and are for a brand that I’ve never seen advertised in this form before. Tony and Stefan have added some research to the discovery which dates […]

Partial fading painted sign on wall advertising Marmite

Fading shop fascia for F.C.Osborn Bookseller

F.C. Osborn and the Fading Fascias 1

This beautiful shop fascia was recently revealed on Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, as part of renovations to the shop by a new tenant. (Thanks Bryce for tipping me off!). The following photos show some of the detail of this sign for F.C.Osborn, Bookseller, who occupied the premises from the mid-1920s to at least 1950. Prior […]


D.Appell Fascia Revealed by the Valentine’s Day Storm 1

Ghostsigns are regularly revealed by property development and the updating or removal of billboards. This is the first instance I’ve come across of the weather, in this case the wind, leading to a shop fascia becoming visible once again. The ‘Valentine’s Day Storm’ last Friday ripped the Roti Stop sign off this corner building, leaving […]

Hand-painted shop fascia for D.Appell

Remains of painted Victorian lettering

History Repeating: A Stunning Reveal on Bethnal Green Road 10

While creating this beautiful new signage for Casa Blue, Ash Bishop of The Brilliant Sign Co. alerted me to an astonishing discovery inside the premises of this newly converted bar. It is a fragment of some Victorian painted lettering, which Ash proposes dates from the 1880s or possibly 1890s. Check it out below or, even […]


Palimpsest Revealed in Yelvertoft 1

This palimpsest has recently been revealed by the removal of the butcher’s sign that once covered it. However, the fate of this ghostsign is yet to be determined. Perhaps it will be covered again, and inadvertently protected, by a new sign. Or maybe the new residents will take a liking to the old sign and […]

Fading painted sign on a wall for A.E. Harvey & Son

Fading hand-painted sign on a wall advertising Brymay matches

Brymay Reveal from West Norwood

You win some, you lose some and Caroline has definitely found a winner with this fantastic Brymay matches reveal in West Norwood. It is part of a wider campaign by the Bryant & May company, as can be seen by the other examples of their advertising in the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive. In […]


Multi-business ghostsign revealed in St. Petersburg, Texas 5

Fantastic reveal from┬áSt. Petersburg (Texas, not Russia). Three brands once resided in the building: Ermatinger hatters; Hayward’s toy shop; and the Wisteria confectionery company. Given the equal portion of wall space allotted to each business it is likely they split the cost of this sign three ways. It has been dated to 1929 and some […]

Hand-painted sign on a wall revealed after demolition of adjacent building.

Partially complete hand painted sign for Coca-Cola on a wall

Perfectly preserved Coca-Cola sign revealed in restaurant renovations

This is an amazing reveal inside a restaurant in Suffolk, Virginia, showing a vintage Coca-Cola almost perfectly preserved as it would have looked when first painted. This article offers some evidence that the sign could date from the 1890s, I wonder if they’ll do something with the top portion which is presumably on the second […]