Hand lettered colourful alphabet
Nikki at the excellent culture+typography blog alerted me to this article about a fascinating book showcasing the work of hand lettering artist Letman. The article features examples of his work which spans both calligraphy and painted lettering, with more available on his own site. The […]

Letman’s hand lettering book

Still from a film by Marco Puccini 1
In a slight departure from painted lettering here is a film by Marco Puccini showcasing some flamboyant examples of inked lettering using a variety of calligraphy tools. ¬†While on the subject, it is also worth checking out this film profiling master calligrapher Paul Antonio on […]

Flamboyant calligraphy from Luca Barcellona & Francesca Biasetton

Jack Daniel's Declaration of Independence poster
Today is Independence Day in the USA. ¬†Last year, to celebrate, Jack Daniel’s worked with letter-press experts Yee-Haw Industries and the team at Colossal Media to first produce poster designs and then to scale these up into large scale pieces of hand painted advertising around […]

Declarations of Independence campaign from Jack Daniel’s