More Minnesota Ghostsigns…

Earlier this month I was back in Mazeppa, Minnesota for more workshops with Mike Meyer and Better Letters. This gave me an opportunity to see some of the signs there without the snowy backdrop, and also to spend some time in Minneapolis where there were numerous new ghostsigns to discover. (See my earlier photos here.)

I was taken around the big city by Bill Rose, Recapturist and author of Junk Type. Here’s a bit of what I saw, and if you want more then I’d recommend the blog and map from Adam Miller and his Ghost Signs of Minneapolis

Sign Painting Mecca mural in the summer

Sign Painting Mecca mural in the winter

Tribute to the former Mazeppa creamery, produced during one of Mike Meyer’s Letterheads meets

Tribute to 1955 sign design by Dave Correll, produced at the 2014 Mazeppa Mardi Gras

Grain Belt ghostsign in Minneapolis, the building is still a liquor store (off licence)

More from Grain Belt, this a spectacular for traffic crossing the Hennepin Avenue bridge

Close-up of the Grain Belt spectacular by Hennepin Avenue bridge

On the hunt with Bill Rose who captured this photo of me taking a photo of the Garage ghostsign

Another action shot from Bill Rose, this time showing the scale of this 7-Up ghostsign

7-Up and Lerner (?) Publications, Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis

Warehouse District, Minneapolis

The Seaman Paper Company was one of a number of such operations in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis

A medley of ghostsigns on this palimpsest in the Warehouse District, Minneapolis

This is at the level of the entrance to a building in the Warehouse District, Minneapolis

We had to climb to the top of a multi-storey car park to photograph this one

The Gardner Hardware Company are still in business in Minneapolis

No bills, but fire alarms OK!

Not a ghostsign, but a tribute to one of the state’s musical heroes by street artist Kobra

Thank you to Mike Meyer for a great trip, and to Bill Rose for the tour of Minneapolis. Until next time, in the words of Bob Dylan, ‘things have changed’…