My first Ghostsign, from Nicaragua

Painted sign, fading on a wall in Nicaragua

Nicaragua, 1998, by Sam Roberts

While preparing for Wednesday’s talk at St Bride I rediscovered this in an old photo album from my 1998 travels in Central America. It is from Nicaragua, celebrating 1 May, International Workers’ Day. I believe this may be my first ever ghostsign photo, predating¬†the fountain pens one in Stoke Newington¬†by about eight years.

‘The Revolutionary Murals of Nicaragua’ by David Kunzle is an excellent resource for those wanting to learn more about Nicaragua’s public art in the period 1979-1992. Many of the murals captured and researched in the book have since been lost but I was lucky to have seen some of them, particularly in Leon and Granada, while I was there. Here’s one more that I’ve scanned from my prints, and then something less revolutionary and more commercial.

Mural depicting Henry Vado

Henry Vado, Nicaragua, 1998

Painted signage on a wall for Charly's Bar

Charly’s Bar, Nicaragua