Cassannet: A Dubonnet-Inspired Typeface 2

cassannet from atipo on Vimeo.

This film is promoting the typeface Cassannet, inspired by the iconic Dubonnet triptych found on numerous ghostsigns across France. The campaign was originally designed for the brand by the artist Cassandre and this typeface has been designed by Atipo in Spain. Thank you to Jess over on the University of Wolverhampton Visual Communication blog for passing this to me, original post found here.

Do you know of any other typefaces that have been inspired by material found on ghostsigns and/or other types of painted signs? A couple of others I’ve found so far are CP Brownie and Iowan Old Style but there must be many more. I’m interested in finding as many as I can and any other connections between brushed lettering and type design. Suggestions and leads in the comments please.

  • Jay Rutherford

    This is so weird. The song (“Broken-Hearted Melody”) was taught to me by my mother back in the 1950s. I sang it at school and my teacher made me sing it in front of the grade 8s. I heard it again just recently and got major goosebumps.
    But back to the typeface – an excellent piece of work! Kudos to Atipo.

    • Thanks Jay, the world works in mysterious ways. Glad you like the typeface, do you know of any others inspired in a similar way by painted lettering?