Inch & Co Chemists Inspires Poetry 4

Fading painted sign on wall for Inch & Co Chemists

Kennington Park Road

Coming back from my visit to South London I also spotted this ghostsign advertising Inch & Co Cash Chemists on Kennington Park Road. As I was trying to recall the location I searched for the company name and found a couple of references to it on the Formerly blog. The sign has provided a springboard for the creation of a poem which is recited by Tamar Yoseloff below. This (for me) is a new form of artistic expression stimulated by ghostsigns, although it did remind me of the 2011 project, Talking Walls.

Here are some additional references to the sign and poem, and my close-up photo of the ghostsign:

This poem and the accompanying photo sit alongside other ghostsigns and derelict signage in the Formerly book.

Fading painted sign on wall for Inch & Co Chemists

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  • Stuart Rees

    I am delighted to find this ghost sign on the web site as the Inch named on this sign was my maternal grandfather Jedediah
    Paul Inch. He was born in the parish of Calstock in Cornwall in 1875 and died in 1930. I don’t know when the shop opened
    but Jedediah was running a chemists in Barnstable in 1906; likewise I don’t know when the shop closed.

    My mother was born in this house in 1909, her own mother died in about 1921 and Jedediah remarried sometime after that. My mother eventually moved to south Wales where she met the man who was to become my father.

    I have more details including a photo of the frontage of the shop for anyone who may be interested.

    Stuart Rees

    • This is fascinating Stuart and of course I’d love to see a photo of the old shop front. I’ll email you or add it to another comment here if you have time.