S Errington and some other South London Ghostsigns 10

Hand-painted lettering on a wall saying 'Furniture Bought, Sold Or'

Furniture Bought, Sold Or (Sam Roberts)

This is a detail from one of my all-time favourite ghostsigns. It’s on Dulwich Road in South London and already features in the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive. I had never actually seen it ‘in the flesh’ so it was a great surprise addition to a trip down south to meet Mari Boman and see her collection of prints in the Liminial Space series. (For those wondering what might have followed the ‘Or’, the ever sleuth-like Sebastian has given us ‘Taken in Exchange’.)

As I haven’t posted any of my own images on the blog for some time, here are some other angles on the S Errington furniture dealer sign and a handful of others I ticked off on my cycle, some likely familiar, others perhaps less so…

Faded hand-painted lettering on a wall (ghostsign) for S Errington furniture dealer

S Errington, Dulwich Road (Sam Roberts)

Hand-painted lettering on a wall saying 'Sold'

Sold (Sam Roberts)

Hand-painted lettering on a wall saying 'Or'

OR (Sam Roberts)

Faded hand-painted lettering on a wall (ghostsign) for S Errington furniture dealer

S Errington (Sam Roberts)

Fading painted sign (ghostsign) for Our Sons Menswear

Our Sons Menswear (Sam Roberts)

Fading painted advertising on a wall (ghostsign) advertising Inch & Co Cash Chemists

Inch & Co (Sam Roberts)

Fading painted sign on a wall advertising Bovril

Bovril (Sam Roberts)

Wall tiles advertising John Lovibond & Sons Ltd

John Lovibond (Sam Roberts)

Fading painted sign on a wall (ghostsign) with the slogan 'For your throat's sake smoke'

For Your Throat’s Sake (Sam Roberts)

  • Nutmegger Workshop

    Great shots. I never cease to wonder why these signs attract me so. The seemingly impossible character of the Ellington sign casts a spell over me.

    • Yes, this one is particularly compelling, I wonder how many more years it will bring such character to this particular London street…

  • Don

    I really like the John Lovibond Sign. I guess its made up of custom-made ceramic tiles. I’ve seen other signs of this style in a book called ‘Designage’ (http://books.google.com.au/books/about/Designage.html?id=wsxNAAAAYAAJ&redir_esc=y). Each one must have been an incredible amount of work! I admire the patience of those artisans of yesteryear.

    • Yes, I usually stick to the painted signs on walls but that one was too good looking to leave out. Thanks for the book reference, I’ll have to add it to the wish list.

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  • Tim Martin

    Many of the painted ceramic tile panels were produced at the prolific Doulton works in Lambeth – with many of the artists trained at the Lambeth School of Art now the City & Guilds of London Art School on Kennington Park Road – There are a particular beautiful set of childrens nursery rhyme ilustrated story panels – along the ground floor corridor of the North Wing of St Thomas’ Hospital.

    • Thanks for the insights Tim, do you have a connection with any of this work?

      • Tim Martin

        I teach part time at City&Guilds of London Art School – http://www.cityandguildsartschool.ac.uk/staff/foundation_staff/tim_martin – The Doulton works in Lambeth is now a historic site only – although the main admin buildings exterior decoration are worth a look – I’ll post some pics next time I’m down there. I believe I saw some pics of the old kiln bases in the ‘britain from the air’ collection online. I’m a new iPhone user so I’ll post some pics to back these up – the South London coverage is missing lots of good stuff …

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