Sydney ghostsigns from Finding the Radio Book 1

Ghostsign for Shelley's drinks painted around the border of a window

Photo: Stefan Schutt

This and a number of other ghostsigns images from Sydney, Australia, are featured on the Finding the Radio Book blog. Stefan notes that he didn’t find a huge number on his visit there, many overlapping with those on the Preserve site. This could be due to the nature of the places visited i.e. more central and well travelled. Can any ‘locals’ verify this line of thought or have any insights into the prevalence of ghostsigns in places further away from the centre? This is certainly true of London where the density of fading hand-painted advertising increases dramatically outside of the West End and City of London.

  • crankinhaus

    There are many to be found around Sydney. But you’re right, one needs to head out into suburban areas on the fringes of the CBD or country towns to find them.