Is this Lipton’s tea sign genuine, repainted, or something else? 2

Large sign on a wall advertising Lipton's Tea

Photo: Frank Jump

This Lipton’s Tea sign on Frank Jump’s blog has led him to ask if it is repainted or even a modern recreation? It is in Denver Colorado and to me the borders look very unusual which might lend some support to the recreation thesis. The sign painting company (The Curran Co.) named in the bottom right corner is genuine but the question is whether they actually painted this or if this name has been added to provide authenticity to a recreation? (The company is mentioned from chapter seven in this report about Fort Collins’ ghostsigns.)

The only piece of comparative signage that I’m aware of is a partial remnant in London, as found in the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive. The lettering and colour scheme is different but this doesn’t rule out the possibility that this sign is genuine.

As another point of interest, what on earth is ‘Strongfortism’ as written in the bottom portion of the sign?

Lots of questions then, please add any comments and further leads to this blog or directly over on Frank’s blog about the sign.

  • Sebastien Ardouin

    I forgot to mention that there is nothing there to suggest this sign was covered at some point by a billboard. No marks whatsoever.
    Finally, on a humorous note, the expression “furnished rooms” can have an awkward meaning in some countries but I am sure that in that case it didn’t imply an escort girl was part of the service.

  • Yes, my instinct is that it is a repainting or replica.