TV commercial features hand painted sign for Small London, Nigeria 1

I didn’t think I’d end up writing about the major sporting event beginning with ‘O’ in my home town of London. That was until I came across this TV spot from Nike. It features many of the other ‘Londons’ found in the world, including, at about 00:10, a nice hand painted welcome sign on a wall in Small London, Nigeria. It is a great piece of ‘ambush’ marketing designed to circumnavigate the increasingly heavy policing of advertising around major sporting events.

This TV spot and the issues around ambush marketing of this sort are covered well on the ever excellent blog of Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist. For those with a taste for subversive humour, you might also enjoy Stuart Lee’s exploration of Orwellian control exercised in the name of ‘rights management’. (This will explain my reluctance to come out and just say ‘Olympics’ in the opening sentence of this blog post.)