The partial repainting of F.C. Dyson Provisions & Groceries, Stoke Newington 5


Does anyone know who is responsible for this piece of work and whether any progress has been made since I took these photos in April this year?

  • Oh I am saddened. Just a bit of a touch up with the right colour paint was all they needed to do if restoring it was the intention. 
    But I seriously doubt that – why would anyone paint over the whole thing in order to restore?. My guess is they painted over it in blue, and people complained, so they started to repaint the old sign as they could seeing the letters showing through, being as gold would probably be hard to cover over in one coat.

    • Sounds a plausible theory, keep an eye on it whenever you’re passing and let me know if anything further happens. Now I think of it, the Council may be involved as they were responsible for ‘blackwashing’ the wine glass sign at the end of Church Street. Also, their painters were only stopped from covering the Banksy piece from the Blur album cover because the woman in the property forced them to.

  • When this was first noticed it prompted a bit of investigating by the Stoke Newington CAAC (Conservation Area Advisory Committee) and Cllr Thompson, mainly to be sure it wasn’t a return of the over-agressive action of the Council’s anti-graffiti team that in 2008 saw ‘Fount Pens’ on Flowers N16 threatened, the removal of grapes overlooking William Patten School and the famous partial paining out of the Banksy by the undeveloped site opposite the violin shop on Church Street.
    Fortunately, this wasn’t. The Council had no involvement in this painting over which was done by the landlords. Lower down it was in a poor state – bad graffiti covered most of it; the roof is easily accessible. We are not quite sure why they painted over all of it and yet went to the effort of retaining the letter shapes of the name. We can only assume there was some new graffiti high up that no one has recorded.
    Nick, SN CAAC, Clapton CAAC

    • Thanks for that investigative insight. Yes, the attack on the wine glass on Church Street did seem unnecessary, a case of people behaving like robots in their conservation efforts.

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