Sylvanian Families sign repainted in Highbury 2

Having grown up just round the corner on Queen’s Drive it always intrigued me that such a niche shop as the Sylvanian Families store would have their premises in the Highbury/Finsbury Park back street of Mountgrove Road.  I even remember the ending to their old TV commercials, ‘Sylvanian Families.. only from Tomy’.

Anyway, that’s a roundabout way of introducing this short video of London signwriter Nick Garrett repainting the shop’s fascia.  Enjoy.

  • Nickgarrett

    Cheers GS – it was a lot of fun doing this sign because of the mix of shop owners and galleries in immediate… and it brought together a piece in the jigsaw for me because just up the road is Finsbury Park Tavern, re-named now – anyway I painted the pictorial there 30 years ago and it went missing – chatting to Michella at Gallery 90 and she said she was sure it was pride and place in the landlord’s house… we are off to check it out in next week or so… keep you posted – 
    best Nick Garrett

    • Thanks Nick, do keep me informed about the Finsbury Park Tavern mystery and I’ll add something about that too.