(P)Imp and the Herbrand Street ‘Mural’ from @nycsouthpaw 5

The Imp and the Herbrand Street Mural

I’ve just started watching Game of Thrones (highly addictive) so can appreciate this new piece of street art now covering part of the Herbrand Street ‘Mural’.  Does anyone know anything about the artist and the reaction of the locals which was quite hostile the last time..?

PS. Does the Imp remind anyone else of Eddy Izzard in appearance and speech?

PPS. Do you think the integration with the last piece was intentional i.e. the boy looking up in awe of the Imp?  Or was it just a lucky coincidence?

  • Laura

    Sadly, this is photo-shopped. I found the same picture with a different mural, same cars, dated last year. Although cool, the (P) IMP Tyrion is not real street art. Here’s the link: https://plus.google.com/110017494156098821350/posts/HzpFcdSbcpi

  • srobots

    Thanks for that Laura, I was very easily fooled on that one. A shame as I thought it could mark the wall being used for art on an ongoing basis.

  • Antonia

    The old mural (visible on the right of this image) is gone too, I’m afraid. It’s a plain brick wall again (sigh….)

  • mattaxico

    I think he looks like Luke Skywalker.  & he’s pretty good at Jedi mind tricks!  Just watched the first two series, what a cool mural! Gonna go and see it


    • Check the comments below, it’s a photoshop job, I got fooled!