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Lemoore Can't Bust Em Overalls ghostsign by Ken Jones 5
Dr Ken Jones is a former NASA imaging expert whose work in the 1970s included digitally photographing the surface of Mars. This required the use of image ‘mosaics’, a technique which he is now applying to the more terrestrial subject of ghostsigns.Dr Jones’ work starts from […]

Dr Ken Jones’ mosaic technique for ghostsigns photography

Hand painted sign on a building in Australia advertising HMV 1
This report, Conserving Historic Signs, was written in 2002 and published by the Heritage Office, Department of Planning, State of New South Wales in 2006. I was alerted to it by Jos Peeters and it is a detailed and fascinating account of some of the considerations […]

Conservation guidelines for ghostsigns in Australia

I’m briefly back in London and it is hard not to notice this poster campaign for San Miguel’s new summer beer, Fresca.  (That might have something to do with the fact that 10,000 locations feature the work.) Created by the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi it has […]

When letter-press meets hand painted advertising on walls: San Miguel ...