Book News: Liverpool Ghostsigns 4

Liverpool Ghost Signs Book Cover

[Update: Now published.]

Caroline & Phil Bunford have just released this preview of the cover of their forthcoming book Liverpool Ghostsigns.

If you look very closely you’ll notice in the lower portion that the foreword is written by me, so I’m doubly excited about the publication of the first UK Ghostsigns book. Pre-order it here and look out for it in shops in July next year.

(More Ghostsigns books can be found in the reading list and a review of Frank Jump’s recent release, also with a section written by me, here.)

  • AndyM

    I tried to order the book from Amazon for fathers day (three days before) only to find out that it hadn’t shipped and then after over a weeks wait Amazon have today told me that they cannot source it. Waterstones are showing 220 days until publication – has it been delayed until February next year?

    • Hi Andy, I know there have been some delays to the original publication date so I’ve contacted one of the authors that I know. I’m sorry that I can’t help more than this, as you can understand these things are out of my hands.

  • CarolineBunford

    Hi Andy.
    I replied to your query via email, which I hope you received.
    Just for anybody else wondering also – the book is scheduled for release in August 2012. It was set back a few months by the publisher, to avoid a clash with some other Liverpool titles.
    Many thanks for your support.
    Caroline Bunford

    • Thanks for the clarification Caroline, very much looking forward to the book’s release next month…