Who was Little Miss Barber? 10

Check out these West Midlands signs featuring a character called Little Miss Barber. But who was she?

She appears on painted advertisements for Barber’s, Orantips and Twinings teas but besides these photos there seems to be no record of this energetic tea promoter. More images can be viewed in this Flickr gallery, any help finding information about Little Miss Barber and her portfolio of brands would be much appreciated, just leave a comment on this post if you know anything or get in touch.

Orantips, Stafford Street, Walsall, by Trevira

Twinings, Shaftmoor Lane, Birmingham, by co-ophistorian

  • CarolineLD

    >My Dad remembers Barbers Tea as a local company when he grew up in Staffordshire in the 1940s/50s. He thinks Little Miss Barber was their advertising character.

  • CarolineLD

    >Only drinking it as a child – he doesn't remember anything more about the company, unfortunately.

  • michelle

    >i have just picked up a tea ladle which is stamped with little miss barber and her photo from a op shop in australia

  • Jo S.

    >I was researching an old tea caddy that I bought at a car boot, and found this site. You may be interested in the caddy. It's covered in old-fashioned views of country cottages and then I realised that one of them had been 'doctored' to show a Barber's Teas Ghost sign! I've taken a not-very-good photo of it but I'm not sure how to post it. From the clothes the people in the pictures are wearing, I'd say it was 40's or 50's.

  • Terry

    >We had a tea spoon for taking tea from the caddy to the pot in the shape of Little Miss Barber,her head was the handle and her skirt was dished to form the bowl.Sadly it was lost when moving house,hence my serching the net to trace the history of her and a possible replacement…Terry J.

  • Anonymous

    >To Terry Feb. 27,2011.
    I have a little Miss Barbers tea caddy spoon.
    My E'mail address is d3cky@talktalk.net

  • Anonymous

    >To Terry J. Feb 27,2011
    I have a Little Miss Barber teacaddy spoon.
    My E'Mail address is d3cky@talktalk.net
    Derek r.

  • Here’s a digital restoration of a sister sign to this series in West Bromwich: https://twitter.com/paperdollmedia/status/426129707005116416/photo/1

  • Some great archival photographs showing some of the locations here: http://www.photobydjnorton.com/GTC/KingsHeath.html

  • Allan Newton shared this photo of one of the products advertised on these signs.