Services & Financial 4

Some great signs in the category of Services, Banks & Financial. ┬áSee more images in the Flickr group being used to set up the Ghost Signs Archive. Here’s a little montage featuring some of the most interesting signs. Thanks again to everyone contributing their images, keep them coming!

If you have any interesting ghost signs from the UK or Ireland then please get involved by adding them to the collection. The next montage could feature your work…
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    >Great – Love the music too, who is it?

  • Sam Roberts

    >Funny you should ask about the music as this was my second choice after Youtube busted me on copyright for my initial selection! this one is called 'Fu Manchu' by Desmond Dekker & The Aces. It's on a great double album called 'Gaz's Rockin Blues' on the Trojan label.

    For what it's worth my first choice was 'Leave My Money Alone' by The Blasters. Their record label is clearly more strict than most others…

  • Anonymous

    >Thanks Sam, It's great to see one of my images used in this beautiful compilation, strangely I used to walk down Allen Road in Stoke Newington almost every day and never noticed the post office sign!

    Paul (green ribbon)

  • Ms. Moll

    >As usual, brilliant. The music is great too (off to find it on Spotify!).